Sunday, August 19, 2007

"Further Revelations on Molten Steel and High Temperatures, and the China Syndrome at the WTC"

From the Anonymous Physicist:

My previous WTC7, and other articles, on the nuclear demolition of the WTC here and at detailed the mechanism for the high temperatures and molten steel at the WTC, both photographed and witnessed up to five months later. What my articles did, and what no one else in the 911 truth movement apparently has done-- except William Tahil-- is to state that there had to have been a source for GENERATING heat at the WTC, and to propose such a mechanism. This is because the "collapse," or destruction, mechanisms proposed, in and of themselves, do not provide for such high temperatures weeks and months later. The mechanism was revealed to be the China Syndrome of high heat generating, nuclear reacting fragments, arising from the interactions of building-destroying mini-nuclear bombs, either with other unexploded nukes, or nuclear reactors present.

It is fascinating to see all the disinformation regarding the very high temperatures and molten steel weeks and months after 9/11, at the WTC. Let us examine what all the 911 non-nuclear demolition theorists have to say in this regard. The regime/media "collapse" mechanism of planes/fuel/gravity/pancaking does not allow for such high temperatures weeks and months later. So the MSM, and the regime's 911 Commission report hide any mention of this. They simply ignore it, or say there was no evidence of molten steel, as this NIST "investigator" does here. The government (the actual perps), was also very active in destroying any proof of high temperatures after the 9/11 event-such as altering the second AVIRIS data set.

Then we have the DEW theory. Here I have been told, the proponents of this theory act similarly to the regime. They state that all the firefighters and other responders who were eyewitnesses (and who had nothing to gain, and perhaps much to lose with their accounts) are wrong, or deliberate disinfo agents. And some DEW proponents claim that all the photos showing molten steel are doctored in some way, such as alleging color enhancement. The DEW proponents also know that any beam weapons used on 9/11 (of which no hard evidence has been presented, even though it is not impossible for beam weapons to have been used in some way during the "collapse" phase) could not account for such high temperatures and molten steel weeks and months later. So they claim that all the eyewitnesses and photos, and other data are false. In other words, if it doesn't fit their DEW hypothesis (of which there is no evidence), then any countering evidence against DEW is said to be "bogus" even if the eyewitnesses are irrefutable, and photos and other data support them.

Then we come to the thermite theory. Here the disinfo nuclear physicist (i.e. Dr. Steven Jones) knows full well that only the nuclear reactions of the China Syndrome could account for all the high temperatures and molten steel weeks and months later, so he has taken a different tack from the above two. He was quick to claim the molten steel for himself and his thermite theory! Remember we are now discussing this molten aspect weeks and months later, not on 9/11 itself. So let let me dispose of this ludicrous claim that thermite used on 9/11 could be the source of great heat months later. This Youtube video of thermite ignition shows it to be cooled off in minutes--and not weeks and months. Notice how, after just a few minutes, the thermite residue stops glowing; and a person can safely touch its container and the ground near it. It has cooled off in minutes.

Now let us see that one reporting source has stated that the very high temperatures were at the surface of the WTC, not five, but SIX, months after 9/11. Here is an article, in GCN (Government Computer News--a trade newsletter on the government IT field). The article is about firefighters/responders' computer cataloging of 7000 human remains found at the WTC from 9/25/01 to 5/30/02. It states that, "For six months after Sept. 11, the ground temperature varied between 600 degrees Fahrenheit and 1,500 degrees, sometimes higher." And furthermore, it notes that, "In the first few weeks, sometimes when a worker would pull a steel beam from the wreckage, the end of the beam would be dripping molten steel." Note that the "1500 degree F, sometimes higher" is said to be the "ground temperature." Again indicating that the heat source, underground, must be at a significantly higher temperature-- as there was nothing visible there, at the surface, causing this heat. This is also another proof of my earlier assertion, made here, that the second set of AVIRIS data announced must be fraudulent. Recall that the second set of data, allegedly taken on 9/23/07, but not released for 19 days, claimed that there were only 3 or 4 spots with greatly diminished temperatures left at the WTC-- as compared to the dozens of hotpsots at temperatures up to 1340 degrees taken on 9/16/01. This article further demonstrates that high temperatures were at the surface of the WTC six months later.

I previously cited Bronx firefighter/responder, Joe O'Toole stating that he saw molten steel in February, 2002 -- five months later. The GCN article now brings "1500 degree temperature, sometimes higher" to SIX months after 9/11. This is further proof of heat GENERATING sources underground-- namely the China Syndrome. That is, as already detailed here, there were fragmented nuclear reacting criticalities, that needed no oxygen to generate high temperatures, almost indefinitely, until "cleaned up"-- PERHAPS BY UNSUSPECTING, UNINFORMED, UNPROTECTED HUMAN BEINGS. So we are now into March 2002 for the China Sydrome still occurring at the WTC.

Interesting that only two months after this March, 2002 date, the "clean-up" was declared officially over. Could the clean-up only have been declared to be over, on 5/30/02, because all the China Syndrome fragments had been recovered by then? Will all the now-unfolding thyroid, blood, lymph, and other cancers among the firefighters, and other responders, at the WTC, be further proof of their exposure to the radiation of the China Syndrome at the WTC? These cancers are highly unlikely to arise from "inhaling asbestos" or other toxins; they are commonly related to exposure at radiation-releasing sites-Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl, and the latest Ground Zero: the World Trade Center. And if these firefighters/responders wore masks/respirators, it would even more strongly lead to the conclusion that their cancers are from radiation, not inhalation of toxins.

Once again, I assert that the high temperature hotpsots ("1500 degrees, sometimes higher") revealed in this article, to be present until at least March, 2002 could only have been caused by the GENERATION of heat from nuclear reacting criticality sites underground-- the China Syndrome. The over 40,000 WTC responders must be provided with this crucial information. They, and their physicians, must be told of their radiation exposure. Let their subsequent outrage upon learning this "ultimate truth", and the outrage of their families, CAUSE--as heroic New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison put it (and as now appears on his headstone)--"JUSTICE [to] BE DONE, OR THE HEAVENS FALL."