Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Chernobyl’s China Syndrome Gets New “Coffin” and a Review of the China Syndrome at the WTC

by The Anonymous Physicist

A new steel “coffin” is being erected over the Chernobyl nuclear reactor site. This article states, “Twenty-two years after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, work is under way on a colossal new shelter to cover the ruins and deadly radioactive contents of the exploded Soviet-era power plant.”

“Once completed, Chernobyl will be safe” said the nuclear safety director from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) which manages the $505 million project. The article goes on, “Construction is to begin next year and be completed in 2012... In 50 years, the nuclear fuel will be extracted, although it is unclear where it will be stored.” Hint to the Ukraine from this Anonymous Physicist: Ask the American regime where it sent all the radioactive fragments from the WTC. One place is known, and can be queried-- China.

BTW, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is headquartered in London (naturally) and was created in 1991 after the collapse of the USSR. It claims to be devoted to bringing “democracy” [sure] and capitalism to the former USSR, and other “Communist” countries. Probably run right out of MI6.

Note the discrepancies in different experts’ statements regarding the number of people who died, and are expected to die, from radiation. “In the two months after the disaster, 31 people died of radioactivity, but the final toll is still debated. The U.N. health agency estimates that about 9,300 will eventually die from cancers caused by Chernobyl's radiation. Groups such as Greenpeace insist the toll could be 10 times higher.” So the offical death toll is only 31 and the U.N. estimates that 9300 will have died from Chenobyl’s radiation, while Greenpeace’s experts state the latter number will be 93,000. This is akin to Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the differing experts who continue to debate, to this day, how many died during and after the nuclear blasts.

Note also the remarkable discrepancies between different experts on just where most of Chernobyl’s radioactive elements are at present! The article says, “The EBRD says 95 percent of the reactor's nuclear inventory is still inside the ruins, but some experts believe most of the radiation was released in the days after the accident.”

Now recall I have shown that the China Syndrome existed for at least six months at the WTC after the nuclear destruction of its buildings. See the separate blog here-- wtc-chinasyndrome.blogspot.com. I have also cited that Chernobyl’s destruction was a China Syndrome event as well. Read here: http://www.psaindia.org/Reviews4.html It says, “‘China Syndrome’ of meltdown had taken place inside the reactor core. Thermal explosion and outbreak of fires in over thirty places were due to high-temperature and falling uranium core fragments on to the roofs of adjacent buildings.”

A similar scenario took place on 9/11 with unexploded or fizzled nukes either directly releasing radioactive fragments or via some nukes exploding onto other unexploded nukes and releasing the latter’s contents. The concept of redundancy of nukes was explained. I have also cited that the evidence (including EMP, massive sub-basement damage seen by eyewitnesses, Felipe David’s hanging skin) indicates the largest nukes were likely in the sub-basement. I have even posted the story of Cathy T who experienced an earthquake, a mile North of the WTC, at the time of the first tower explosion-- the CGI “plane hit.” The China Syndrome blog contains massive evidence that the China Syndrome resulted in the rubble pile and underneath the towers and WTC7. Such evidence includes all the responders’ melted boots, direct observation of flowing molten metal up to six months later, photos-- including the so-called “Frito” photo-- of pulling up and out molten metal weeks later, the many photos of steam released from hosing down the rubble pile even months later, the 400 cancers of the thyroid, blood and lymph that occur from exposure to radiation, and the teeth falling out years later in responders, and more.

And I cited the simple Physics that temperatures of several thousand degrees cannot “linger” for weeks and months. The well-proven high temperatures at Ground Zero long after 9/11 could ONLY be from heat GENERATION-- the China Syndrome. The hangout created by the intel agencies called DEW was even created for the purpose of hiding or deriding all the evidence of the China Syndrome (and the nuking of the WTC), but instead I have used the main DEW website to help PROVE the China Syndrome. (The intel agencies really blew it with that one.) Likewise the other intel agency hangout called “Thermite” laughably claims that Thermite would be hot weeks and months later, when it would cool down in minutes or hours.

Even people who realize that the WTC was nuked, often incorrectly believe that the nukes themselves, because of their high temperature could lead to the “lingering” heat. But the Physics, and the known effects of nuclear explosions, reveal that the million degree temperature of say a fisson nuke cools down to 10,000 degrees in one millisecond (a thousandth of a second). Except for where conventional fires resulted (which might cause temperatures in the hundreds of degrees for hours or a few days at the most), a nuke’s surroundings would cool down to ambient temperature likely within minutes or hours. EXCEPT where any remaining radioactive fragments might be releasing great heat from ongoing fission. Note that Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not have any China Syndromes because each had ONLY ONE NUKE that obviously DID NOT FIZZLE.

So, in summary, I might note the relationship of Chernobyl’s China Syndrome to the WTC’s China Syndrome. While the old USSR and the new Ukriane have been, and still are, involved in covering up Chernobyl’s reactors’ radioactive fragments with “sarcophagi”, the American regime has been engaged in a different type of “cover-up” of the China Syndrome that occurred at the WTC on 9/11. Chernobyl’s reactors’ radioactive fragments may (or may not, as above) remain at its Ground Zero and covered over with successive “coffins” with plans to collect and cart them away “in 50 years.” And the need to cover-up what the American regime did to its own citizens at the WTC on 9/11, led to the crucial need to first treat (with dirt and water) and then to collect and cart away the China Syndrome fragments as quickly as possible--with resultant cancers, and coffins, in responders. While Ukraine wonders where to send its supposedly still buried radioactive fragments, I ask the following question. As with the likely radioactive steel girders, did the the American regime send all the WTC China Syndrome radioactive fragments to China?

In fact, I just looked at a globe. It is clear that any radioactive fragments from a nuclear event in the continental U.S., whose heat (and gravity) would cause these fragments to fall towards the center of the Earth, and continue onwards, would definitely NOT fall towards China! Rather they would fall towards the Southern Hemisphere. So I ask, was the name “China Syndrome” chosen because someone knew that China would be the repository for all China Syndrome radioactive fragments?!