Sunday, August 19, 2007

Further Thoughts on the Nuking of the WTC, and Future Psyops

From The Anonymous Physicist

It behooves me to report that some claim that it doesn’t matter if the WTC, and its 3,000 human occupants were destroyed via thermite, or “DEW,” or nuclear bombs. Of course, if mini-nukes were exploded, and the subsequent China Syndrome occurred, it does matter in numerous ways.

The truth matters, in and of itself—and inherently includes an infinitude of reasons, known and unknown at any given time.

1) It matters in the legal sense, as this is also a legal matter of mass murder and high treason, and war-making crimes against humanity. And actual criminal details are part of catching and trying the perps—even if the trials are in other countries, and/or carried out by “plain” citizens for the time being.

2) It matters to the WTC responders (and their families) who are dying of rare cancers, as are many people living in NYC who are now getting “rare” cancers. If my theories are correct, they may be dying from cancers caused by exposure to nuclear radiation--in particular, in part, from the UNSHIELDED, six months long release of the China Syndrome of radioactive fragments, at the WTC. It matters in the medical treatment and prevention of disease.

3) It matters because nuclear bombs being used on innocent American citizens will outrage Americans more than anything else. Much more than learning about putting CGI on TV. Is not the most important goal in this to cause the people to wake up and act, before it is too late? Nuclear annihilation and radiation are perhaps the most odious things conceivable. This is precisely why the regime put out so many disinfo agents and “theories”! The pancakes, thermite, and DEW were all put out to keep the people from finding out that the WTC, and its thousands of human inhabitants were nuked—vaporized, irradiated—like they were less than nothing. The PTB fear the masses finding this out and realizing they have nothing to lose with such a regime in power. Every 911 truther is only helping the regime, the mass murderers, by denying the nuking of the WTC on 911, and accepting disproven, or impossible theories, or saying let’s not dwell on this.

In regards to #3 above, and in my making preliminary extrapolations from the Chernobyl China Syndrome event, I have to report that the nearly 3,000 people who died on 9/11 may--in years, or decades--be significantly surpassed by the number who will have died from cancer, or other disease, much of which may have been caused by radiation exposure! It is also a medical matter in trying to save these people. The responders and their physicians need to know the mechanism/cause of their cancers. So it is very wrong that some say the mechanism of WTC destruction either doesn’t matter, or it’s not important--compared to the TV fakery issue. It is just the opposite. All they ever put on TV, is fakery, like the Apollo Hoax. Demonstrating TV fakery is important. But how they killed thousands, and what is causing many other people to suffer and die, is a [or the] most important issue.

Now, it is important to predict, and prevent, what the regime, and its many disinfo agents, may soon try to promulgate regarding the WTC/911 nuclear destruction scenario. More and more people are realizing that planes/fuel/gravity/pancaking, or thermite, and/or DEW, could not possibly have caused the WTC explosions, and the China Syndrome of high heat and molten steel months later. More and more people are realizing that only nuclear demolition can account for all this, as well as the Electromagnetic Pulses which caused toasted cars, and not people and paper. So predicatably, I have already seen the limited hangouts arising. “Well yes it was nukes that did it, but they were foreign nukes.” Either the “Russkie” card, or the “Zionist/Israeli” card will be played as limited hangouts—or for that matter the “Al-Quaeda [Al-CIA-Duh] Card” or the “Iranian” card, or a “China card” may be played. Whoever they might want to start a bogus war with, at the time. The “Russkie card” has been planted a few decades ago, as the “Soviet suitcase nukes” claim. The Zionist card—well that’s a perennial, or should I say bi-millenial scapegoat ruse; and a hint at whether an author or website, etc. is a shill. Any honest research will inform you that MI5/6 control the CIA, the KGB/FSB, and the Mossad, and not the laughable vice versa.

Should the PTB, say, decide to nuke Chicago, they would likely simultaneously do the following scenario: Get some Arab (looking) dupes [Al-CIA-Duh] to be the first pawns. But they will also plant some dancing Israelis (or a single prominent one), in Chicago, and make sure to videotape them (for possible later use); or say that they were the old Soviet suitcase nukes, and try to whip up another “Cold War”. Or more likely they will plant numerous false flag/limited hangouts (as above), to confuse and confound— what I now call “Babelizing” the matter. So as the WTC mini-nukes mechanism of WTC destruction becomes more popular, EXPECT that it may be co-opted as “Russkie nukes” or “Israeli nukes.” Don’t fall for it. Look to Washington, D.C., and their taskmasters in London. But do expect to see this. BTW, the old “Soviet suitcase nukes” claim really means, IMO, that the PTB thought about doing a NUCLEAR 9/11 WTC type event (or even the exact same event) decades ago! But probably they didn’t then have total support from the military, media etc. And one President and his brother, and others, had to die first. And if you truly understand the whole conspiracy field, it would be clear that if the old Soviet Union really did place any suitcase nukes in the USA, it was done at the REQUEST of Washington and London. Likewise, in the present time, if there are any Mossad, or Chinese, (or other foreign) agents here (and likely there are); they would only be here at the request of Washington and London.

Finally, I call upon the survivors of 9/11 who are stricken with those radiation-induced cancers to reach out to your fellow survivors, or their families, in none other than Hiroshima and Nagasaki. For it is the same monstrous regime that has nuked you all, and would like to nuke the rest of us, if not stopped. It was not only the China Syndrome that was brought to New York City on 9/11. With the peeling away of all the WTC destruction pysops layers, we can finally see that what was brought to New York City on 9/11 was a physically somewhat less intense, but morally just as heinous version of … HIROSHIMA.