Sunday, August 19, 2007

Proof of Extremely High Temperatures at Ground Zero

From the Anonymous Physicist:

The DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) theory for destruction of the WTC, has had its proponents stake their claim on the idea that destruction from DEW is cold-- or “cool” (in contrast to heat-forming). DEW supporters have stated that the tower demolitions, the pyroclastic clouds and their “molecular dissociation clouds” were cool, and that there was no molten metal, no high temperatures after tower destruction in the rubble at Ground Zero.

To counter this, first, chronologically, we have WTC Fireman Peter Critsimilios reported his boots melting while trying to dig for survivors. “Our boots melted from the heat — we dug until we were exhausted.”

Next, this video should permanently lay to rest all the shills who say there was no high temperature, or molten metal at the WTC. Eight weeks after 9/11, here is an eyewitness video where the witness says, “Steel-toed boots is one of the biggest things. Out still on the rubble, it’s still 1100 degrees, the guys’ boots just melt within a few hours.” Note all the smoking rubble shown, eight weeks after 9/11. As we have Ed Bradley interviewing, this is clearly an old CBS “60 minutes” broadcast.

Ed Bradley died in 2006, at the age of 65, from “chronic lymphocytic leukemia”. We know that Ed Bradley was at the WTC in November 2001. So I must ask, is he too a victim of cancer from the radiation at the WTC? His cancer was first officially diagnosed in 2004, some 2-3 years after his WTC exposure. So this “60 Minutes” broadcast--and perhaps even the cancer death of its reporter--helps close the lid on the coffin of DEW.

Keep in mind, the 1100 degrees temperature is at the surface of the rubble. The source of heat under the surface must be greater still. As this is 8 weeks later, and documented, only the China Syndrome of nuclear criticality fragments (non-oxygen needing) could do this.

The DEW proponents staked much of their claim on “no high, molten temperatures.” This new evidence shows the DEW theory is dead.

Likewise, Ed Ward, M.D. has revealed that Thermite does not have significant explosive power, and couldn’t have been the explosive agent seen blasting massive chunks--some weighing hundreds of tons--of the towers hundreds of feet outwards on 9/11. Furthermore we demonstrate that the aim of Steven Jones, PhD—the thermite proponent-- has always been the same as the DEW proponents: to desperately hide the truth of the nuking of the WTC on 9/11.

Here Wood was right to point out how Jones “orangifies” the picture of the Firemen “peering into the hot core” [Page 18]. But, Wood does not accurately tell us why Jones apparently altered the color of the picture-- he needed to “get the blue out of the picture.” The blue is likely the blue light known to occur during nuclear reactions. Curiously, Jones has apparently removed this picture from this article now up at his site. There are now different molten steel pics up now. So it is clear that the regime has tried to prevent, remove, and deny all evidence of nuclear explosions, and China Syndrome at the WTC. But the high-temperature, radioactive cat is now out of the bag, and can never be put back in. The melted firemen’s boots is one of many proofs of this now-- as are all the cancers.

We have exposed and disproved both DEW and Thermite hangouts. Hopefully Rick Siegel’s September release new video, “WMD at the WTC” will proclaim that the WTC was nuked on 9/11 as his short video does (See the bottom). But for now, please inform everyone of these articles.