Monday, November 17, 2008

Further Analogies Between the WTC and Chernobyl China Syndromes of Molten Metal and Radiation Release

by The Anonymous Physicist

Here is a satellite photo of abandoned fire trucks, cars, helicopters
-- all apparently still (2008) too radioactive from Chernobyl radiation released after its 1986 explosion. Looks a bit like some of the photos of abandoned cars and fire trucks after 9/11, in lower Manhattan.

Molten metal in a French reactor. Can someone ask the 9/11 firemen/responders if this is like what they saw?

Can you see the hot spot still in this Chernobyl slag, years or decades later? The black line points to it.

Did China not want this stuff? Maybe USSR/Ukraine could not pay their price?

Chernobyl’s “flowing lava” forever caught in the act
. The same words the WTC firemen used.

Chernobyl’s once flowing, molten, "Elephant's Foot". The caption reads, “Once molten fuel/debris mixture that dripped down through the floors of the exploded RBMK-1000 reactor at Chernobyl. It was so radioactive and solid, they had to use a rifle to chip a piece of it off.”

Here is video of a tragic chopper crash: “helicopter with crew of military pilots spreading ANTI-RADIATION SOLUTION across the blown-up reactor of Chernobyl nuclear plant.”

Finally, note the photo and text here.

This excellent Chernobyl site says here, “THEY TRIED IN VAIN TO PUT OUT THE FIRE with 2400 tonnes of lead and 1800 tonnes of sand.” Does this sound familiar? I have written on the trucking in and out of dirt that the DEW proponent was kind enough to reveal to help prove the case for the nuclear destruction at the WTC. Mayor Giuliani ordered the trucking in and out of sand the very next morning.

But note the admission that many tons of sand and lead could not put out the radioactive Chernobyl fires! Sound familiar? As I have written the radioactive mini-nuke fragments strewn about in the rubble pile, and more concentrated under WTC1, 2, 7 also released great heat that went on for up to six months-- until all areas were reached, and they were carted away.

Now THESE are real “unextinguishable fires” to use the term the disinfo nuclear physicist, Steven Jones, desperately tries to claim for (“nano-composite”) thermite--which actually stops burning in minutes. I have revealed Jones’ anti-science claims in this regard here.

You might want to read more of the site for future reference. Note that it states that out of 800,000 Chernobyl responders (called “liquidators” here), one reference claims 25,000 have already died. How does this translate to the WTC? At the WTC, the number of responders is said to have been 40,000. No exact extrapolation can be done because of so many unknown variables in radiation exposure at the two different event aftermaths. If everything were equivalent, the ratio of numbers indicates 1250 WTC responders would die from their radiation exposure. Curiously as of 2006, there were some 400 rare cancers that are not uncommon results from radiation exposure.

More on the China Syndrome at the WTC here.

Again I state that WTC responder- survivors should reach out to their brother and sister survivors from Hiroshima and Chernobyl. They have much in common.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

If the WTC Nuclear Destruction Had the China Syndrome Aftermath, Why Didn’t Hiroshima?

by The Anonymous Physicist

The extensive evidence that the World Trade Center area “suffered” from great heat in the rubble pile and beneath the towers, from heat generated by the China Syndrome is here. But if my nuclear fission hypothesis for the destruction of the WTC is correct, why didn’t the fission bomb that destroyed Hiroshima have a known China Syndrome there?

The reason is that there are numerous differences between the two events. My “many nukes” hypothesis for WTC destruction contains the concepts of redundant nukes, fratricided and fizzled nukes. Please read the above archived articles to understand just what attempting to explode many small nukes in the enclosed buildings entails, and even my hypothesis that the early explosions in WTC7 likely were fizzled micro-nukes. Now for some specific, relevant differences. Hiroshima was just one fission nuclear bomb, not many as with the WTC. Redundant, fratricided and fizzled nukes are not relevant to the events of Hiroshima, unlike the WTC. Finally, Hiroshima did not have a China Syndrome Aftermath because the A-bomb went off at an altitude of about 1800 feet, and IN OPEN AIR-- NOT IN THE CENTERS OF BUILDINGS NOR THEIR BASEMENTS.

The Hiroshima nuke was, of course, much larger than the sum of the numerous micro-nukes employed to destroy the WTC. As I have detailed, a fission nuke uses up only some 1-6% of its fissile material in its chain reactions before the remainder is blown apart from the heat and pressure resulting from the chain reactions. The 80 generations of fission chain reaction take but a total of one microsecond before the bomb’s contents themselves are blown apart. In the open air, much of the micro-fragments of the remainder 94-99% of the fissile material (Uranium-235) were in the fireball, and much of this rose further with the fireball. But these heavy Uranium atoms fell back down. Some dispersed into the upper atmosphere, and would come down around the world. (Note that no Gov’t has released atmospheric radiation data in the days after 9/11/01--this is perhaps both telling [of the worldwide collusion of regimes] and sad.) At Hiroshima, they came down in notorious fashion. Much of the remaining Uranium fissioning atoms came down 30 minutes later in the so-called “Black Rain.” Many more people may have died because they suffered desperate thirst from their dehydrated condition in part from damaged, melted, hanging skin; and they drank the black rain, as there no longer was running water. They thus ingested radioactive particles. (The worst thing they could have done.)

There was no known China Syndrome Aftermath at Hiroshima because the Uranium atoms came down over a widely dispersed area; and thus were not concentrated enough to have heat generating effect in any known areas. Note that I have detailed that at Hiroshima, radiation levels on the ground were low enough so that American troops were there performing various tasks within a few days. At the WTC, the micro-nukes (emplaced in the centers) were chosen small enough so as to not vaporize the outer structure (and give the Op-Plan away). So as the micro-nukes were going off at each level and in the sub-basement area, the outer structure was still extant for the most part. Also there was no fireball under these conditions that rose to 15,000 feet or so. Just as there were no fireballs seen in all the underground nuclear tests. And there was no rain for several days. The heavy Uranium atoms and fragments, if in the dust, would have come down first, with all the many lighter elements coming down on top of them soon thereafter. This effect may even have provided some radiation shielding. Much of the rubble pile was indeed hot, and led to such phenomena as melted firemen’s and dog’s boots; and the need to hose down the rubble pile for many weeks and months, with countless photos showing the steam emanation that resulted. Fratricided or fizzled nukes and the more totally enclosed sub-basement effect would have left more concentrated fission fragments in some areas and in the former basements. These would later give rise to massive temperatures and molten metal weeks and months later, as detailed in the above-cited archived articles.

Indeed, I would assert that the floors that were chosen for the initial explosions, (the “official,” but CGI “plane hit” floors), were chosen precisely because they still provided enough height and building material so that the first nukes going off at their top-most level would not vaporize through to the top! That could have allowed a visible rising fireball that had to be avoided. In other words, if the first nuke, in the top-down demolition, occurred at or near the top floor, it could have vaporized through to the outside air and a visible fireball could have then ensued. So the floors for the “plane hit” explosions were carefully chosen to coincide with the placement of the initial nukes to go off. This logic also dictates that if there were no planes, it is also highly unlikely that missiles hit the towers either. Anything hitting the towers could have jeopardized both the smaller shape charges to go off-- and create the so-called plane-shaped holes; and also if the wrong floor were hit, it could have interfered with the planned start of the top-down nuclear demolition, although some redundancy was probably built in.

But we should also never forget at least one similarity between Hiroshima and the WTC. Just as many people close to the Hiroshima hypocenter were vaporized, over 1100 human beings in the WTC towers were so vaporized that no intact strands of DNA could be used for identification. But fortunately there was one major difference in the aftermath, there was no widely dispersed, radioactive “black rain” to ingest or have fall upon people. The people of Japan have never forgotten their “black rain,” nor their Hiroshima that was perpetrated by the same regime, primarily against innocent women, children and old men (despite the American propaganda efforts to imply otherwise). Likewise it must be the task for Americans to learn what this same regime did to the innocent human beings in the World Trade Center and the 40,000 responders, and the many nearby Metro New York residents and workers.

The terms Hiroshima and World Trade Center need to become synonymous. And the world needs to come together to counter this same monstrous regime before it kills all or most of humanity!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Chernobyl’s China Syndrome Gets New “Coffin” and a Review of the China Syndrome at the WTC

by The Anonymous Physicist

A new steel “coffin” is being erected over the Chernobyl nuclear reactor site. This article states, “Twenty-two years after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, work is under way on a colossal new shelter to cover the ruins and deadly radioactive contents of the exploded Soviet-era power plant.”

“Once completed, Chernobyl will be safe” said the nuclear safety director from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) which manages the $505 million project. The article goes on, “Construction is to begin next year and be completed in 2012... In 50 years, the nuclear fuel will be extracted, although it is unclear where it will be stored.” Hint to the Ukraine from this Anonymous Physicist: Ask the American regime where it sent all the radioactive fragments from the WTC. One place is known, and can be queried-- China.

BTW, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is headquartered in London (naturally) and was created in 1991 after the collapse of the USSR. It claims to be devoted to bringing “democracy” [sure] and capitalism to the former USSR, and other “Communist” countries. Probably run right out of MI6.

Note the discrepancies in different experts’ statements regarding the number of people who died, and are expected to die, from radiation. “In the two months after the disaster, 31 people died of radioactivity, but the final toll is still debated. The U.N. health agency estimates that about 9,300 will eventually die from cancers caused by Chernobyl's radiation. Groups such as Greenpeace insist the toll could be 10 times higher.” So the offical death toll is only 31 and the U.N. estimates that 9300 will have died from Chenobyl’s radiation, while Greenpeace’s experts state the latter number will be 93,000. This is akin to Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the differing experts who continue to debate, to this day, how many died during and after the nuclear blasts.

Note also the remarkable discrepancies between different experts on just where most of Chernobyl’s radioactive elements are at present! The article says, “The EBRD says 95 percent of the reactor's nuclear inventory is still inside the ruins, but some experts believe most of the radiation was released in the days after the accident.”

Now recall I have shown that the China Syndrome existed for at least six months at the WTC after the nuclear destruction of its buildings. See the separate blog here-- I have also cited that Chernobyl’s destruction was a China Syndrome event as well. Read here: It says, “‘China Syndrome’ of meltdown had taken place inside the reactor core. Thermal explosion and outbreak of fires in over thirty places were due to high-temperature and falling uranium core fragments on to the roofs of adjacent buildings.”

A similar scenario took place on 9/11 with unexploded or fizzled nukes either directly releasing radioactive fragments or via some nukes exploding onto other unexploded nukes and releasing the latter’s contents. The concept of redundancy of nukes was explained. I have also cited that the evidence (including EMP, massive sub-basement damage seen by eyewitnesses, Felipe David’s hanging skin) indicates the largest nukes were likely in the sub-basement. I have even posted the story of Cathy T who experienced an earthquake, a mile North of the WTC, at the time of the first tower explosion-- the CGI “plane hit.” The China Syndrome blog contains massive evidence that the China Syndrome resulted in the rubble pile and underneath the towers and WTC7. Such evidence includes all the responders’ melted boots, direct observation of flowing molten metal up to six months later, photos-- including the so-called “Frito” photo-- of pulling up and out molten metal weeks later, the many photos of steam released from hosing down the rubble pile even months later, the 400 cancers of the thyroid, blood and lymph that occur from exposure to radiation, and the teeth falling out years later in responders, and more.

And I cited the simple Physics that temperatures of several thousand degrees cannot “linger” for weeks and months. The well-proven high temperatures at Ground Zero long after 9/11 could ONLY be from heat GENERATION-- the China Syndrome. The hangout created by the intel agencies called DEW was even created for the purpose of hiding or deriding all the evidence of the China Syndrome (and the nuking of the WTC), but instead I have used the main DEW website to help PROVE the China Syndrome. (The intel agencies really blew it with that one.) Likewise the other intel agency hangout called “Thermite” laughably claims that Thermite would be hot weeks and months later, when it would cool down in minutes or hours.

Even people who realize that the WTC was nuked, often incorrectly believe that the nukes themselves, because of their high temperature could lead to the “lingering” heat. But the Physics, and the known effects of nuclear explosions, reveal that the million degree temperature of say a fisson nuke cools down to 10,000 degrees in one millisecond (a thousandth of a second). Except for where conventional fires resulted (which might cause temperatures in the hundreds of degrees for hours or a few days at the most), a nuke’s surroundings would cool down to ambient temperature likely within minutes or hours. EXCEPT where any remaining radioactive fragments might be releasing great heat from ongoing fission. Note that Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not have any China Syndromes because each had ONLY ONE NUKE that obviously DID NOT FIZZLE.

So, in summary, I might note the relationship of Chernobyl’s China Syndrome to the WTC’s China Syndrome. While the old USSR and the new Ukriane have been, and still are, involved in covering up Chernobyl’s reactors’ radioactive fragments with “sarcophagi”, the American regime has been engaged in a different type of “cover-up” of the China Syndrome that occurred at the WTC on 9/11. Chernobyl’s reactors’ radioactive fragments may (or may not, as above) remain at its Ground Zero and covered over with successive “coffins” with plans to collect and cart them away “in 50 years.” And the need to cover-up what the American regime did to its own citizens at the WTC on 9/11, led to the crucial need to first treat (with dirt and water) and then to collect and cart away the China Syndrome fragments as quickly as possible--with resultant cancers, and coffins, in responders. While Ukraine wonders where to send its supposedly still buried radioactive fragments, I ask the following question. As with the likely radioactive steel girders, did the the American regime send all the WTC China Syndrome radioactive fragments to China?

In fact, I just looked at a globe. It is clear that any radioactive fragments from a nuclear event in the continental U.S., whose heat (and gravity) would cause these fragments to fall towards the center of the Earth, and continue onwards, would definitely NOT fall towards China! Rather they would fall towards the Southern Hemisphere. So I ask, was the name “China Syndrome” chosen because someone knew that China would be the repository for all China Syndrome radioactive fragments?!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The “China Syndrome” Came to New York City on 9/11

From The Anonymous Physicist

Some people may not have not fully grasped the significance, and necessity, of my hypothesis on heat-generating criticality sites at the WTC after 9/11. Some shills have actually, and laughably, attempted to claim thermite could have been been responsible for these high temperatures and molten steel.

Any attempt to have a complete theory of 9/11 must include the WTC demolition on 9/11 itself, and crucially its aftermath of the great hot-spots and molten steel, up to five months afterwards. The latter being supported by irrefutable, numerous eyewitnesses, and photographs and at least one AVIRIS overflight temperature data set. (With the second, long-delayed release of overflight data likely being bogus, as claimed here.) It is risible that a shill physicist claims this photo, of a crane lifting molten steel weeks after 9/11, as “proof” of thermite use on 9/11. Now while thermite, or other conventional explosive, may have been used in some subsidiary capacity on 9/11, my earlier articles have highlighted how only mini-nukes could have accounted for all the phenomena of the 9/11 WTC demolitions. It is not unexpected, but still sickening, to see how a shill physicist has claimed that the molten steel weeks after 9/11 “proves” thermite alone brought down the WTC towers. He HAS to claim that, for he knows well that the real source of this molten steel, weeks later, is nuclear reactions.

I have stated that only nuclear criticality sites could be the source of heat GENERATION weeks, and months after 9/11. You can find, say on Youtube, numerous videos of thermite being used to melt things, yes, including metal— but no vaporization. Note that the thermite is not being used as an explosive when it is seen melting through a car, e.g. But some of those videos clearly show that after just a few minutes, the molten thermite residue cools off and no longer glows. It is highly likely that any thermite at the WTC on 9/11 would have cooled off within hours. Indeed, I have stated that even the momentary maximum temperature of a nuke’s hypocenter (up to 100 million degrees), is known to cool off relatively quickly. You can ascertain this rapid cooling off in regards to the Trinity Site, or Hiroshima or Nagasaki, or even H-Bomb test sites. The temperatures returned to normal at all these sites relatively quickly.

Now some claim that oxygen starved fires could allow for vastly longer high temperature fires underground at the WTC. These people don’t seem to realize they have just proven the case ONLY for nuclear chain reactions!! Because only nuclear chain reactions release massive heat almost indefinitely, without needing ANY oxygen whatsoever! This is not the case for any conventional (non-nuclear) fire. This “indefinite” massive heat source was the basis for the term “China Syndrome” in regards to a nuclear reactor mishap which, in theory (but not really due to other factors), could have massive indefinite heat leading to a nuclear reactor criticality (core) remnant burning all the way through to China.

This remarkable article on Chernobyl actually states that the China Syndrome occurred at Chernobyl. It says, “‘China Syndrome’ of meltdown had taken place inside the reactor core. Thermal explosion and outbreak of fires in over thirty places were due to high-temperature and falling uranium core fragments on to the roofs of adjacent buildings.” So here we see learn that the nuclear core had exploded into many pieces of— apparently still critically reacting uranium fragments--with their concomitant high temperatures. But this is just the kind of thing I cited in my WTC 9/11 nuclear demolition hypothesis of nukes exploding either other unexploded mini-nukes, or nukes exploding the reactors in the Nuclear Borers.

So perhaps my previous term, “criticality sites” regarding the source of high temperatures and molten steel, weeks and months after 9/11 is too vague. Instead I propose that from now on we think of this aftermath of molten steel, weeks and months after 9/11 as… “The China Syndrome came to New York City on 9/11.”

"Further Revelations on Molten Steel and High Temperatures, and the China Syndrome at the WTC"

From the Anonymous Physicist:

My previous WTC7, and other articles, on the nuclear demolition of the WTC here and at detailed the mechanism for the high temperatures and molten steel at the WTC, both photographed and witnessed up to five months later. What my articles did, and what no one else in the 911 truth movement apparently has done-- except William Tahil-- is to state that there had to have been a source for GENERATING heat at the WTC, and to propose such a mechanism. This is because the "collapse," or destruction, mechanisms proposed, in and of themselves, do not provide for such high temperatures weeks and months later. The mechanism was revealed to be the China Syndrome of high heat generating, nuclear reacting fragments, arising from the interactions of building-destroying mini-nuclear bombs, either with other unexploded nukes, or nuclear reactors present.

It is fascinating to see all the disinformation regarding the very high temperatures and molten steel weeks and months after 9/11, at the WTC. Let us examine what all the 911 non-nuclear demolition theorists have to say in this regard. The regime/media "collapse" mechanism of planes/fuel/gravity/pancaking does not allow for such high temperatures weeks and months later. So the MSM, and the regime's 911 Commission report hide any mention of this. They simply ignore it, or say there was no evidence of molten steel, as this NIST "investigator" does here. The government (the actual perps), was also very active in destroying any proof of high temperatures after the 9/11 event-such as altering the second AVIRIS data set.

Then we have the DEW theory. Here I have been told, the proponents of this theory act similarly to the regime. They state that all the firefighters and other responders who were eyewitnesses (and who had nothing to gain, and perhaps much to lose with their accounts) are wrong, or deliberate disinfo agents. And some DEW proponents claim that all the photos showing molten steel are doctored in some way, such as alleging color enhancement. The DEW proponents also know that any beam weapons used on 9/11 (of which no hard evidence has been presented, even though it is not impossible for beam weapons to have been used in some way during the "collapse" phase) could not account for such high temperatures and molten steel weeks and months later. So they claim that all the eyewitnesses and photos, and other data are false. In other words, if it doesn't fit their DEW hypothesis (of which there is no evidence), then any countering evidence against DEW is said to be "bogus" even if the eyewitnesses are irrefutable, and photos and other data support them.

Then we come to the thermite theory. Here the disinfo nuclear physicist (i.e. Dr. Steven Jones) knows full well that only the nuclear reactions of the China Syndrome could account for all the high temperatures and molten steel weeks and months later, so he has taken a different tack from the above two. He was quick to claim the molten steel for himself and his thermite theory! Remember we are now discussing this molten aspect weeks and months later, not on 9/11 itself. So let let me dispose of this ludicrous claim that thermite used on 9/11 could be the source of great heat months later. This Youtube video of thermite ignition shows it to be cooled off in minutes--and not weeks and months. Notice how, after just a few minutes, the thermite residue stops glowing; and a person can safely touch its container and the ground near it. It has cooled off in minutes.

Now let us see that one reporting source has stated that the very high temperatures were at the surface of the WTC, not five, but SIX, months after 9/11. Here is an article, in GCN (Government Computer News--a trade newsletter on the government IT field). The article is about firefighters/responders' computer cataloging of 7000 human remains found at the WTC from 9/25/01 to 5/30/02. It states that, "For six months after Sept. 11, the ground temperature varied between 600 degrees Fahrenheit and 1,500 degrees, sometimes higher." And furthermore, it notes that, "In the first few weeks, sometimes when a worker would pull a steel beam from the wreckage, the end of the beam would be dripping molten steel." Note that the "1500 degree F, sometimes higher" is said to be the "ground temperature." Again indicating that the heat source, underground, must be at a significantly higher temperature-- as there was nothing visible there, at the surface, causing this heat. This is also another proof of my earlier assertion, made here, that the second set of AVIRIS data announced must be fraudulent. Recall that the second set of data, allegedly taken on 9/23/07, but not released for 19 days, claimed that there were only 3 or 4 spots with greatly diminished temperatures left at the WTC-- as compared to the dozens of hotpsots at temperatures up to 1340 degrees taken on 9/16/01. This article further demonstrates that high temperatures were at the surface of the WTC six months later.

I previously cited Bronx firefighter/responder, Joe O'Toole stating that he saw molten steel in February, 2002 -- five months later. The GCN article now brings "1500 degree temperature, sometimes higher" to SIX months after 9/11. This is further proof of heat GENERATING sources underground-- namely the China Syndrome. That is, as already detailed here, there were fragmented nuclear reacting criticalities, that needed no oxygen to generate high temperatures, almost indefinitely, until "cleaned up"-- PERHAPS BY UNSUSPECTING, UNINFORMED, UNPROTECTED HUMAN BEINGS. So we are now into March 2002 for the China Sydrome still occurring at the WTC.

Interesting that only two months after this March, 2002 date, the "clean-up" was declared officially over. Could the clean-up only have been declared to be over, on 5/30/02, because all the China Syndrome fragments had been recovered by then? Will all the now-unfolding thyroid, blood, lymph, and other cancers among the firefighters, and other responders, at the WTC, be further proof of their exposure to the radiation of the China Syndrome at the WTC? These cancers are highly unlikely to arise from "inhaling asbestos" or other toxins; they are commonly related to exposure at radiation-releasing sites-Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl, and the latest Ground Zero: the World Trade Center. And if these firefighters/responders wore masks/respirators, it would even more strongly lead to the conclusion that their cancers are from radiation, not inhalation of toxins.

Once again, I assert that the high temperature hotpsots ("1500 degrees, sometimes higher") revealed in this article, to be present until at least March, 2002 could only have been caused by the GENERATION of heat from nuclear reacting criticality sites underground-- the China Syndrome. The over 40,000 WTC responders must be provided with this crucial information. They, and their physicians, must be told of their radiation exposure. Let their subsequent outrage upon learning this "ultimate truth", and the outrage of their families, CAUSE--as heroic New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison put it (and as now appears on his headstone)--"JUSTICE [to] BE DONE, OR THE HEAVENS FALL."

Towards the End of One 9/11 Psyops/Limited Hangout Theory--Directed Energy Weapons

From The Anonymous Physicist

Having to spend the time looking into the alleged new "molecular dissociation cloud theory" of Judy Wood, PhD, was the last straw for me. As I have already written before, I have nothing against the theoretical knowledge of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), and have little doubt that our regime has such things, far beyond what is in the public domain--though I am virtually certain they are not in space. But I have been waiting for a shred of evidence, or proof, of DEW use on 9/11. We will see that the virtual entirety of Wood's "evidence" which is almost entirely photos (and their "interpretations"), proves the case instead for nuclear weapons use on 9/11. In fact, much of her "DEW evidence" DISPROVES the use of DEW. Now DEW could have been used in a subsidiary capacity, to confuse and confound, and to have the subsequent psyops of bogus feuding between the three bogus "collapse" mechanisms: the regime's pancaking theory, the thermite theory, and DEW--all with the purpose of hiding the actual mechanism of WTC destruction--mini-nuclear bombs. The three most popular theories are called "limited hangouts" in spy lingo.

Wood's new "Molecular Dissociation Clouds" theory is NOT being used as claimed. On her recent interview with "former" Army/Marine Intel agent, James Fetzer, PhD, Wood clouds the issue of her "molecular dissociation clouds" by only using them for "explaining" the pyroclastic clouds, "fuming ground", and toasted cars, etc. that occurred AFTER the towers' destructions--and NOT as a mechanism for their destruction as promised! And what she does say about her "molecular dissociation" clouds is far better explained by normal diffusion and turbulence phenomena, with one exception. She cites steaming/fuming ground as part of her "molecular dissociation clouds" theory. I have already written extensively on the hot surface temperatures that began on 9/11 and continued for at least six months. This arose from what was there and underneath--the China Syndrome of nuclear reacting criticalities. This is one of the many giveaways for her Psyop/Limited Hangout: To provide a bogus theory and understanding of all the phenomena that actually arose from nuclear weapons use, and the subsequent China Syndrome of nuclear criticalities underground!

Her "molecular dissociation clouds" theory appears to be nothing more than the same photos with some different captions, along with some new terms, such as "AlkaSeltzer"ing, "shaving cream", fuming, and such. It is fascinating to see how the PTB have immediately promoted her new "theory" all over the net, when there is nothing there except the same photos, maybe with some new captions and some new terms. They are claiming a recent radio interview with Fetzer (now on mp3) has some relevant info, and they make one waste one's time, but there is nothing there. (Just Fetzer dotingly praising all of Wood's inane photo interpretations.) Her previous website which had mostly photos and captions--which clearly, to me, proved the case for nukes--always had the proviso that it was "under construction." Many have waited for some real, mechanism-detailed articles proving DEW to no avail. Now there is a new website with the same proviso. So again, it is mostly photos of phenomena that can all be explained either by conventional forces, or only with nuclear demolition, and resultant China Syndrome. It also appears that Wood pulled the Finnish military expert's nuke website and photo from her new website--at least I can no longer find it. Just compare the top two photos at that Finnish website: an underground Nevada test nuke and one of the twin towers being destroyed. Case pretty much closed.

The vaporization (or her term "dustification"--giving the appearance of being a new DEW phenomena) of the WTC buildings' interior contents including people, furniture, many steel beams, etc. is completely explained by nukes. See my articles at where the Hiroshima nuke was known to completely vaporize people and buildings, such as the complete vanishing of the Shima Hospital, and all its patients. Or see the vanishing of the 100 foot steel tower at the Trinity site. The "toasting" of cars and not people and paper, is far better explained by nuclear bombs, and their concomitant EMPs (Electromagnetic Pulses).

In fact, I have already DISPROVED DEW in my previous nuke articles where I explained exactly what EMT, Patricia Ondrovic' two interviews reveal (here and here). For completeness here, I go over this aspect. Ondrovic saw and heard popping lights at the WTC6 lobby ceiling, and simultaneously cars near her--for no apparent reason--burst into flames. One car's door then exploded off it and hit her, knocking her down. All this happened as the first tower was being destroyed somewhat further away from her, AND as WTC 5 and 6 were being exploded. As before, this must mean a nuke or nukes were exploded underground near her (WTC 5 and 6). As the nuke(s)' concomitant EMP(s) (Electromagnetic Pulse) passed through her immediate vicinity, it intercepted the cars near her. The intense electromagnetic wave induces a great current in metal--not people or paper. The current becomes great heat, resulting in rapid expansion of said metal. A given car door can only expand so much before its boundary is reached and there is nowhere for the heat or expansion to go, which results in doors or handles, etc. exploding off. You see this is why you will see some cars with only their paint vaporized (intercepted only low level EMP due to distance, angle, shielding etc.), and other cars will show a burnt front, but the back half is virtually "normal." See this photo. The Electromagnetic Field and subsequent current is stopped at the boundaries of the doors. But a crucial point is the following. If a laser or maser (microwave laser) were beamed at that area where Ondrovic was, it would have "fried" her too. The first thing that a maser does is boil a person's eyeballs. Similarly a laser would have "toasted" Ondrovic as well. Only an EMP-and NOT DEW--will affect metal and not paper or people. DEW is disproven by Ondrovic' eyewitness accounts--and her survival!--and the toasted cars and not paper or people. And you won't see this proper EMP analysis from the 911 Commission shills, or Jones, or Wood because they know that only a nuke's EMP can cause this! Please promulgate this important fact about nukes and EMPs!

Other, and differently, toasted cars that are on Wood's websites that are completely toasted brown can be explained by the hot pyroclastic flows, or resulting fires and explosions related to the destruction of the towers. No DEW needed. Cars towed away cannot be cited definitively in any way. Let us now examine some other DEW "evidence" by Wood that again, is really from nukes. The creation of ultrafine particles, like the vaporization/"dustification" of much tower contents is a known nuclear explosion phenomenon. Wood cites the trucking in of large amounts of dirt, and the covering of the WTC grounds with it; and the continual water hosing of the ground--and some say the responders as well--and the "frequent street scrubbing to get rid of the fuzzballs and nano-dust." But these, of course, are standard nuclear industry methods used to lower the level of nuclear radiation at "hotspots." Radioactive dust-- not "fuzzballs" etc.-- is what the DEW theory apparently was created to steer you away from.

In fact, Wood's new evidence leads me to realize just how much the PTB acted to hide the nuking of the WTC! Wood cites Mayor Guiliani's strange acts of apparently trucking dirt in and out of the WTC beginning that night! Here is my interpretation: Guiliani, in cahoots with the Feds/perps, know that the UCal Berkeley scientists, and others, will soon arrive and will measure radioactivity at theWTC. They must lower the radioactivity resulting from the nukes they knew they had used! So trucking dirt in and out commenced immediately followed by washing down the area. So from my very first perusing of Wood's websites, I have used her "DEW evidence" to see just what was done by the perps to cover up their nuking of the WTC on 9/11!

One could go on with responding to some of Wood's caption comments. Under a photo of "fuming" WTC grounds, some time after the towers' destructions, she writes, "Boiling a pot of water on the stove doesn't fill a kitchen with steam." Answer: Unless your kitchen has the China Syndrome underneath it. No DEWs needed, thank you. And if DEWs were used there, as many have asked: where is the beam weapon, and its power source? Then she asks, "If Dr. Wood didn't have anything credible to say, why would folks be attacking her so vehemently?" The "vehement" part is likely part of the legend. I am not attacking her vehemently. I would actually be "professionally happy" to see some proof of DEW use, and not its use to hide the proof that the WTC was nuked! And the reason knowledgeable, intelligent people attack her theory is because one is left with no other logical conclusion than all it ever was, was a devoid-of-proof, Limited Hangout to steer people away from the actual nuclear destruction mechanism, including EMPs, and later China Syndrome. And I will have a separate article on what it means when some say they don't care what did it--DEW, thermite, or nukes. For now, think about this: the people dying of radiation-induced cancers, and their families care about what caused their cancer! Obviously some people don't care what happened to these innocent, brave responders--many of who were firefighters. But some of us do. And then there's the huge number of (irradiated) people living in that area.

Note that I did not need to use bogus arguments to debunk DEW, as a certain disinfo physicist did. He used all sorts of fallacious, generic arguments like "Earth's worth of power" and "perpetual motion machine." Why? Because he could not use some of the real arguments against DEW, because that would give away all the evidence that Nukes, EMPs, and the subsequent China Syndrome occurred at the WTC! So this article not only debunks DEW, it debunks other bogus debunkers.

Now Wood and her followers cite that the Directed Energy Directorate at Kirtland Air Force Base (where DEW is "researched") endorsed her theory. Let us examine this. It turns out that a Director of Public Affairs [not a scientist or engineer] at that Directorate said that on a "personal level," s/he finds Wood's theory to be "interesting and worthy of further consideration." A moment's reflection should lead one to realize that this somewhat positive response is a likely indication that the regime supports her putting out this Limited Hangout.

Can you find an example where any other govt/military person, or agency, says they support the use of some other "ExoWeapon" on 9/11? Can you imagine what would happen if someone sent the following letter to the Dept. of Defense, say their Bureau of Nuking Innocent Human Beings: "Dear Bureau Director, please examine the enclosed set of photos, etc. indicating that the WTC, and its human inhabitants were nuked on 9/11. By the way, isn't this the kind of thing you do? And that the China Syndrome of nuclear reacting criticalities existed there, until all were carted away some 6-8 months later. Please confirm this, or otherwise reply to me." Do you think such an inquiry would get any response? Or that its Public Affairs Director would say that his/her "personal opinion" is that it is "interesting and worthy of further consideration?" It's a clear indication that the regime wants to promote her hangout in a clever, limited way. It's fascinating that her die-hard cadre can't/won't see this. This is in part, because DEW was cleverly tied to another psyop--the use of CGI to simulate planes crashing into the twin towers. This was apparently done to cement bonds between 911 researchers. So that if you accepted the no planes theory (NPT), you should then accept DEW from the same "folks"! The only problem is that DEW is quite unprovable, and ultimately disprovable; while the NPT has been proven. But you see that a good deal of thought and chicanery went into this coupling.

Perhaps the ultimate reason why the PTB created the DEW hangout is the following. They knew that those who are effectively blind, dumb, and desperate not to know the truth about their regime would accept the regime’s “official,” ludicrous, fuel-pancaking scenario. Such people don’t, or won’t, even see the obvious explosions. The PTB knew many would see these explosions, and so they planned to release the disinfo physicist with his Thermite, or super-duper, double top-secret Thermite as needed. This would satisfy people who didn’t look too closely, and only wanted to buy a theory that had explosions in it. But the PTB knew some would see through this not-too clever Thermite Hangout also. These people would need some explanation, or seeming explanation, for all the vaporized contents—including the people—of the towers, as well as other strange phenomena such as toasted cars, “fuming ground,” trucking in and out of dirt, continual hosing down the grounds and responders, vaporized spires, spherical holes in some buildings, ultrafine particle size, etc. They knew they had to come up with an “exotic” Limited Hangout to appear to explain these “exotic” phenomena; and to create the psyops of feuding between the other bogus Hangouts. So Voila—the DEW Hangout was released and promulgated; and cleverly tied to the No Planes Theory proponents—knowing the latter was provable with the bogus cgi fakery everyone had. So this conjunction of Limited Hangouts, and specifically trying to counter-explain the exotic phenomena that are, and can ONLY be, explained with the truth of nuclear explosions, EMPs, and China Syndrome aftermath, is why the PTB put out the Directed Energy Weapons hangout--which never had a shred of evidence behind it.

So we have seen that the DEW Hangout was created to lay claim for all the "exotic" phenomena that arose from the use of nuclear bombs in the WTC, and concomitant EMPs, and subsequent China Syndrome. But now DEW has Dropped into the Dustbin of psyops history; and it is now safe to come over to the actual 9/11 destruction mechanism and aftermath. This is the proven (tritium, EMP, etc.) use of nuclear mini-bombs on 9/11 in the WTC buildings, and the subsequent China Syndrome of high temperatures and molten steel months later from criticality sites. Let us recap. This article has laid to rest the Directed Energy Weapon psyop/Hangout theory. My last article disproved the thermite hangout theory, and numerous people have disproved the ludicrous perps'/regime's theory of planes (CGI)/fuel(too low temp.)/gravity (see massive outward explosions)/pancakes (would take minutes, not seconds)--or just look at any of the videos of the explosions, and all the missing tower contents. So since all the Limited Hangouts have been disproved; it's time to accept the proven truth. The World Trade Center, and its 3000 human inhabitants were nuked on 9/11/01. The China Syndrome of molten steel and high temperatures, and many specific cancers now, and more soon to come, are the aftermath of using nuclear bombs at the WTC on 9/11.

Let me examine one last aspect of the 9/11 [anti?-]truth movement. Some of them say that 911 was an inside job; and they say that the government did it--via planes, or thermite, or DEW--to lead to the wars now waged, and the destruction of Americans' constitutional rights and freedoms. Some of them even dare to say that they can perceive what they call "the next step"--that the government will want to declare total martial law, and will use a false flag (Al CIA-Duh, Iranians, whoever is next), and will actually dare to explode a nuclear bomb in the heart of a large American city to attain those ends. Well wake up, and stop being so foolish, or shillish--it's now been proven that THEY ALREADY DID THIS--and the city was New York City, and the date was 9/11/01.